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3D Printing…In Space?

Losing a spare part or needing to replace a component certainly isn’t fun to deal with on Earth. But imagine being up in space. Need replacement parts? Too bad, you’ll…


Linux is Growing at Window’s Expense

While Windows still, for the most part, rules the realm of the desktop, Linux is rapidly growing in popularity. Moving beyond the basements, Linux has now been adopted by a…


Move Over Ethernet, Wi-Fi is in Town

For over 40 years, Ethernet has been the powerhouse behind wired networking. Heralding from Xerox PARC, it’s been the industry standard, from commerce to educational departments. But that all may…


Oil Out; Rare Earth Elements In

Once the powerhouse behind all the trappings of modern life, oil may be starting to lose its touch. As other power sources, such as lithium-ionification and renewable energy such as…


Car Night Vision? What’s the Deal?

Always looking to improve the safety features and functionality of vehicles, automobile manufacturers have been developing car night vision technologies for the past decade or so. As technology is improving,…