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Unbelievable Technologies That Already Exist

1/13 Driverless Cars

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For decades, humans have dreamed of driverless vehicles. From the Jetsons to Minority Report, we've gotten a certain idea of how those cars should function and how the world could be if they existed.

Driverless cars, however, aren't science fiction, but they aren't exactly what you might think. Greg Fitch, research scientist at the Center for Automated Vehicle Systems at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute said many people believe that Google, for example, has built a car that can drive anywhere on its own. "The car itself can only work in a very limited context right now. It has to be very good weather, it can't handle parking garages because it can't get a GPS signal. The reason why those cars can drive themselves is because they know where they are in the world."

Google's car has already done test runs around San Francisco and it completed over 300,000 autonomous driving miles with no problems. Ford has also jumped on the driverless bandwagon by developing a car that takes over the steering wheel when you are about to crash.

While they do already exist on a limited basis, there are still many debates to be decided, such as whether they should be connected, how conservative the car should be to avoid accidents and should they be able to break the law and speed in order to keep passengers safe?